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Happiness is the Way

Happiness Is the Way: How to Reframe Your Thinking and Work with What You Already Have to Live the Life of Your Dreams

Four of Five stars ****

Wayne Dyer was hands-down one of the best self-help authors that ever existed. A prolific writer, Dyer also appeared on Public Broadcasting many times in video form to help them raise funds for their programming. Unlike many self-help authors, Dyer tackles the spiritual dimensions of happiness and fulfillment, in addition to the more material aspects most authors emphasize. What I found odd about this book is that Wayne Dyer passed away in 2015, and this book came out in 2019. Unless Dr. Dyer is writing from the grave, that means this is an attempt by his estate to convert some of his previous writings and speeches into a new book. Much of the material was familiar to me as a listener to some of Wayne's greatest hits. His advice still rings true today. The book is an inspiring look at some of the most basic and important concepts in Dr. Dyer's teachings. Among them: - You get treated the way you teach other people to treat you. - You are in control of your thoughts and feelings. - Your thoughts, feelings, expectations and attitudes shape your world and your life. - You are not your body, mind, job, nationality, race, religion or anything else. You are a being that temporarily inhabits all of those. (This was my favorite mind-blower) - Say yes to new things. - Don't seek love and happiness. Become them. - It's never too late for a happy childhood. - Look for peak experiences in both big and small moments of your life. Appreciate everything. - Follow your bliss and do the things that express your uniqueness. Listen to inner signals.

Some might discount this advice as too touchy-feely, but if you're of that mindset, it can change your life for the better. Dyer includes personal stories from his own life to illustrate his points, and this book made me want to dive back into some of his other readings. The story of how he published his first best seller, Your Erroneous Zones, is inspiring in itself, and was followed by 21 other best-sellers, multiple audio programs, and several children's books. The man lived what he preached. I highly recommend this book or any of his other best-sellers.

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