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Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams- Book review

Super Attractor: Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams

I chose this book initially because of it's great cover. The author, who is a beautiful blonde woman showcased in soft white light, picked a great book title to go with her face and it worked on me, at least subconsciously. I doubt a normal looking person could have gotten away with a cover like this.

Gabby Bernstein is a sharp and pretty lady who has been rising in the publishing ranks using spiritual principles and savvy marketing. She does live events all around the world and hangs around with Oprah and Dr. Oz.

In reality, this book is an interesting dive into the Law of Attraction, which has been covered by many other spiritual teachers including Wayne Dyer, Rhonda Byrne, and Esther Hicks. You have to be open to this kind of teaching, which goes against all empirical and scientific evidence and assumes a world controlled by invisible spirit.

If you can get there, Super Attractor has plenty to say to you about how your thoughts create your experiences. There are 11 chapters in roughly 200 pages, all telling how to manifest what you want by aligning with what the Universe is willing to provide.

Like with other teachers, she teaches to avoid fear, especially beliefs in lack, scarcity, comparisons, and rejection. Instead of these negative emotions that hold us all back, choose joy, fun, joy and faith. (Easy to say- not so easy to actually live).

Her three step method to correcting yourself is to 1- Notice the negative thought, 2- Forgive the thought, and 3- Choose again to think a better thought. The forgiveness step is one that holds a lot of folks back. We can't move on until we release the judgements we make every day on ourselves and others.

The second half of the book gets a bit trippy when she discusses guardian angels, archangels, and channeling the spirit of Wayne Dyer. Some of the stuff in here gets way out there, but she truly seems to believe what she states. Bernstein goes into great detail into her saga of trying to conceive her first child at an older age, and she uses her experiences as proof that spiritual guides are at work.

While I'm open to the idea of help from spiritual sources, I'm too old and jaded to see it work to much in the world I inhabit. This book encouraged me to look beyond the physical plane and realize that yes, we are all spiritual creatures having a human experience.

My main problem with books like these is that the feel good stuff has little application in many peoples' worlds. Sure if you're a rich tv star or beautiful blonde things come easier to you, but for many of those struggling with survival, bills, and basic needs this seems to be saying, "it's your thoughts that are causing your suffering, you dummy." Like being poorer in the most lopsided economy in a century is only a choice. The law of attraction isn't meant to throw blame, but to offer freedom from pain and suffering. I wish the author had gone into this aspect a tiny bit.

Still, there's much to like here. Meditation and affirmation are great ways to quiet your mind and get you in a more positive space to create good things. Appreciation is good, and the more thankful you are for what you have, the more of an attractor you become. Have faith in something higher than yourself, and listen to feedback from the universe to adjust your plans. Ask for signs and wisdom if that works for you.

What Bernstein calls Spiritually Aligned Action has been said many other ways before.

1- Make sure your idea is backed by both inspiration and service. Do you want it and do people need it?

2- Believe that it's possible that things will work out.

3- Take action from a place of spiritual alignment (aka truth, power, and love)

4- Be patient- good things take time and you can't control the timetable always.

Super Attractor is a good book if you are open to the kind of things the author discusses and looking for more spiritual inspiration in your life. I still prefer Wayne Dyer more, but he is no longer with us, so Ms. Bernstein is one of those taking on his mantle and apparently channeling his consciousness.

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